How we can keep your Business safe and compliant with Company Law and Data Protection Requirements??

The video below clearly explains the threats to all Businesses of the risk of Ransomware

** There is now way of decrypting these files unless you pay ransom money**

I only recommend the above programme for protection as recommended by the The American Computer Repair Association

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So what legal obligations do I as a Busness Owner need to comply with??

The Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003 and also the EU obligations outline the need for businesses to take the reasonable necessary steps to protect any client/employee data they have on their systems from prying eyes. Also ..Revenue require all business transactions whether it be email records or Accounting Records to be kept safe for period of six years, requirements mean that you have to keep an offsite backup in case of disaster(eg Fire) , if you do not keep up with your legal requirements as stated the Revenue can land heavy fines for non compliance!!

Also please refer to the following articles:

So overall it it is the Sole Traders or Business Owners obligation to keep on the right side of Compliance Regualtions , but …

We at Castleknock Computers and give you a free assessment of your I.T. needs, we have a sucessful trail of happy Business Customers who are still operating and have not been affected by Ransomware etc and continue to grow their businesses safely in the knowledge that we have their backs (-;

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We at Castleknock computers have years of experience of Virus Infection prevention, remember the old saying!! Prevention is better than the Cure!! We will educate your staff how to prevent infection, we will install the best defensive software to prevent attack. we will set up and teach you how to maintain effective back up of your files, if you take out maintenance contract we will constantly monitor your computer systems and back up your files and ensure your business is safe from attack, for a small monthly fee, we could potentially save you €1000s. Don’t leave it too late, protect your home/business files now by contacting me on 0857285354 and arranging a free assessment of your protection set up.


Business Computer Cloud Computing IT Service Dublin 15

Castleknock Computers – Business Computer Support

Business Computer Cloud Computing IT Service Dublin 15

Business Computer Cloud Computing IT Service Dublin 15

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Business Computer Cloud Computing IT Service Dublin 15

Castleknock Computers Business I.T. Services

Castleknock Computers have been in business since 2005 and have seen many transitions in what we do over the years, with the arrival of GDPR in 2018 , the requirements for businesses to comply with GDPR Guidelines has never been greater. With everyday threats from Ramsomware and Phishing Attacks etc it is imperative that every business whether a Sole Trader or Small Company ensure that they are protected and that their data and their customer’s data is protected and securely backed up!! We recommend using Office 365 Cloud Services but their statement in relation to the safety and shared responsibility for Data Safety is expressed in the chart below: We at Castleknock Computers can provide that backup service for you, we have partnered up with Solarwinds MSB Backup and the launch of their new product Office 365 Backup and really excited the markets and has filled a gap that was unfortunately vacant for years! What does Solarwinds Office 365 Back up offer?

  • Protection against data loss: Users can often unwittingly (or purposely) delete important emails, or OneDrive or SharePoint files. If this happens, SolarWinds® Backup offers the ability to quickly search for and recover what you need.
  • Access to email for ex-employees: If employees leave and you don’t want to continue paying a subscription fee simply to store their email and shared documents, SolarWinds Backup for Office 365 offers an additional way to retain and access this data.
  • Support for compliance: If you are responsible for an organization that falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, SolarWinds Backup is designed to help you retain and archive critical data.
  • Easy management: With SolarWinds Backup for Office 365, you can manage your Office 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint backups from a single web-based dashboard.
  • Automation: SolarWinds Backup helps you strike the right balance between automation and control. You can manually select which accounts and mailboxes you want to protect, or automatically add newly created Office 365 accounts to the backup schedule.
  • Point-in-time restore: Exchange mailboxes are automatically backed up every four hours, and OneDrive and SharePoint accounts every six hours, giving you multiple restore points every day. Choose the one you want, and recover fast.
  • Retain and recover Office 365 Exchange data for up to seven years.
  • Retain and recover Office 365 OneDrive data for up to six months.

To summarise: All Companies and Sole Traders are obliged by Company Law, Revenue and GDPR to ensure that adequate systems are in place on your IT Setup and that computers, laptops and servers are to be maintained and updated on a regular basis, Data Back up is a necessity for any business in today’s world of Internet Fraud. Give us a call today and we will call out and give you a free no obligations assessment on your existing setup and advise you what we would recommend based on our years of experience and a record of having not one customer’s data being compromised or stolen since they let us manage their IT Systems!

Annual Computer Maintenance:

Whether you have an existing IT Support Contract in place or not you could be benefiting now by using our business computer maintenance skills. We can check all your PC’s for viruses, spyware and ad-ware and remove any potential problems. We can improve the performance of your PC’s by the simple un-installation of unnecessary programs that run in the background of your PC’s taking up valuable resources. We can save your business money both in the short and long term.

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Business Computer Cloud Computing IT Service Dublin 15

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I have had wonderful service form Mick over the years and would highly recommend him (-;

Sharon – Elsa Security

Mick has been maintaining our computers for the last 18 months and he gives us an excellent service and would have no problem recommending him to anybody!

Denise Cannon – Design Works Photography

Mick has helped us establish our I.T infrastructure in our new studio and has recently resored our main PC after a power surge and had us back up and running in no time, I would highly recommend Mick.

Mark – VIP Taxis

Thank you mick for getting the IT end of things sorted out for our company, with little fuss and the unobtrusive way you go about your business it was a pleasure to have you around, at last we have someone who knows what they are doing, i would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future if you need a reference i,m your man, thanks again mick, Mark at VIP taxis

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  • With Office 365 there is no need for expensive I.T. contracts
  • You can install your Office 365 package on up to 5 devices
  • Corporate Exhange Email accounts with built in virus and spam filtering
  • HD Video Conferencing and Video calling with Microsoft Lync
  • Online document storage of 1TB per user
  • Sharepoint Teamsite allowing shared document access and editing in real time
  • Our last 3 clients are a major Stockbroking Company, Nationwide Water Leak Detection Company and a Debt Consolidation

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